Here at AUR, private philanthropy fuels our forward progress – in scholarship, in growth, in outreach, and in every facet of what we do. Each day, programs and initiatives made possible by donors are touching the lives of individuals on campus and around the world.

AUR is excelling. One of the reasons that we are is because we have such generous and committed friends and alumni. Why do they give? Because they know that every gift – large or small – helps to generate another successful individual. This knowledge is what makes every donor a partner in our future.

What You Can Support?

Scholarships that ensure access to higher education for talented but low-income students. Professorships that attract the nation’s best scholars and teachers to Rome. Cutting-edge facilities for 21st century learning. Unrestricted support that provides flexibility to pursue exciting new initiatives.

These are just a few ways in which donors to AUR help make a positive impact on our world. Several of the most common, and important ways donors direct their support are listed below. Your gifts can help the university as a whole, or can be directed to a particular fund.

(The American University of Rome is a not-for-profit organization, and is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.)

The AUR Annual Fund:
Unrestricted annual funds raised every year from alumni, students, staff/faculty, trustees, and friends of the university to go directly (at the university’s discretion) toward the needs of the university including program support, financial aid/scholarships, technology, faculty support, and facilities upgrades.

The AUR Parents’ Fund:
Like the Annual Fund, this is a fund for family members to provide support that directly impacts students in that year. It is unrestricted, and goes to those activities, programs, and needs that move AUR toward excellence – apart from the core funding that tuition provides.

(Scholarships) The James Walston Fund:
This fund supports AUR degree-seeking students enrolled in the International Relations & Global Politics program. Funding goes toward the January academic field trip which gives students first-hand experience in areas of conflict, peace-building, separatism, nationalism or development (recent field trips: Kosovo, Basque country, Ghana, Turkey).

The James Walston Fund was launched by alumnae Sallie Pisch (International Relations, 2010) and Cait Bagby (International Relations, 2009), in May 2014, following the premature passing of Professor James Walston. 

(Scholarships) The AUR Alumni Scholarship:
The AUR Alumni Scholarship aims to support two students (one from the US, one international) during their first year at AUR and will be available from Fall 2016. Recipients will be chosen annually based on their application, their financial need, and a required essay about the applicant’s contribution to AUR’s community and school spirit.

Career Services and Internship Center: 
AUR exists to challenge the minds of its students and prepare them for life beyond their four years here. Currently, 75% of AUR students participate in an internship – well above the U.S. national average.  Internship opportunities give students a chance to “test drive” their skills, interests, and passions before committing to a vocation. After graduation, AUR continues to support alumni in every stage of their careers by serving as a resource and network.

Capacity Building:
Investing in infrastructure needs and capacity building of the University which includes information technology systems, financial systems, skills training, and other operations systems that benefit AUR students and increase desired outcomes. Under-investing in these areas equals poor performance and lowered impact.

For information on naming opportunities please contact the AUR Development Office