• AUR Master's degrees are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • AUR’s highly qualified international faculty have a wide range of research and policy experience that will help you develop your career and research goals
  • The wealth of artistic, cultural and academic resources of Rome and Italy provide unique opportunities for study, research and internships.

The Graduate Programs build on the tradition of excellence and high academic standards of AUR distinctive undergraduate programs. Our  programs are a Master in Arts Management, a Master in Food Studies, and a Master in Sustainable Cultural Heritage and a Master in Peace Studies.

AUR’s guiding principles and philosophy for the Master's programs are to foster the pursuit of knowledge,  critical thinking and intellectual creativity. While building knowledge, they are inspired by a commitment to address critical societal questions and to instill in students both analytical and engaged attitudes towards the study of the past as well as of the present.  The emphasis placed on  intellectual development and transferable skills and on both academic and professional goals  is a cornerstone of AUR’s Master's programs.

By enrolling at AUR, students will receive an American Master's degree, accredited by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education. AUR Master’s degrees offer the best of the American interdisciplinary approach to learning and to student-centered education.  Being organized in small classes, students receive personalized attention and are involved in collaborative research and study groups.  From the beginning of their course of study,  they are encouraged to develop their future career paths. On completion of the Master’s degree, students can either pursue a professional career or continue their studies towards a Ph.D.

Rome is the inspiring classroom for the on-site learning elements of our programs and also the starting point for reaching out to the rest of Italy, to Europe, and to the world. Given the international organizations based in Rome and the presence of a vibrant cosmopolitan community, AUR’s wide network of institutions will help enrich students’ experience while in Rome.