At Bioversity International, I joined the small Rome-based Global Management Unit at an important phase of sharing evidence and raising awareness of Project methods and results for the Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition (BFN) team. The BFN Project, started in 2012, has applied a multi-level, cross-sectoral approach in collaboration with partners in each of the four countries (Brazil, Kenya Sri Lanka and Turkey) in order to link agriculture, health, and the environment through a variety of outcomes. Now in its concluding phase, the BFN Project is compiling these results to share at the global level and “mainstream biodiversity”.

One of the many compilations includes a Kenyan recipe book. The bulk of my work was to finalize this 135-page book that shared traditional recipes from Busia County and provided seasonal charts, traditional preparation instructions and meal planning advice. Putting together this book required a strong understanding of the Publisher tool as well as a synthesis of information from a variety of sources, including scientific papers, country-specific nutritional guidelines, and accounts from locals. Contributing to the mainstreaming of biodiversity aligned well with the topics covered throughout the masters program, especially regarding the enhancement of indigenous farming practices as a way to simultaneously build resilience to climate shocks, feed more people, and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.

- Anna Mines