Beatrice Cioccoloni, M.A. Food Studies

Dall'Albero, Italy

I had an internship from November 2017 to March 2018 with Dall’Albero, the first Italian vegan cheese production site which adapts the traditional dairy production techniques to artisanal, plant-based and innovative cheese products. Working with this firm made me realize how connected the academic knowledge acquired thought the course is to the real world. I was confronted with the subject of entrepreneurship, through which I was able to use my skills in business development, startup design, innovation and strategy. Moreover, I was regularly faced with the core problems of our agri-food system. These include the issues and controversies regarding sustainable, organic and fair-trade certification; the differences between small and large firms; and the nutrition transition, shifts in consumption and the rise of new sustainable and ethical diets. On a personal level, working with this firm confirmed and enhanced my passion for social entrepreneurship. I understood this is the field I want to work in the future as I now know that innovative businesses are one of the most valid solutions to address the issues of the global agri-food system and are one of the greatest assets to value creation.