Through my internship experience with the Bioversity for Food and Nutrition (BFN) unit at Bioversity International, I not only gained an invaluable insight into the work of the organization to contribute to food security through the mainstreaming of agrobiodiversity, but I also developed strong writing and communication skills. For five months, I mainly assisted in the phases of providing evidence for and raising awareness about this project. I provided editorial support for a book titled Schools, Gardens, and Agrobiodiversity, which is intended to present the state of school gardens around the world as well as their potential to contribute a multitude of significant environmental, social, and economic functions. For this book, I compiled short cases to be used throughout the publication as well as a chapter-long case study. In addition, I was also asked to design an illustrated diagram of the BFN framework to be used in communication materials.

- Natalie Ching