Academic credit is not awarded, so a waiver does not reduce the total number of credits that must be earned for the degree. The waiver may be based on one course or a set of equivalent courses that demonstrate proficiency in the core course. All requests for core course waiver will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Registrar and the appropriate Program Director. The final decision is made by the Program Director. No more than two core courses can be waived.
In order to request a core course waiver, the student’s equivalent coursework must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed at institutions of higher education accredited by an American regional accrediting association, or from nationally recognized institutions of higher education outside of the U.S.
  • Graduate-level and credit-bearing
  • Completed within five years from the date of matriculation
  • Earned a grade of B or better

Please note: Undergraduate coursework and/or degrees do not count toward core course waiver requirements.
If deemed necessary, the student may be asked to pass an exam, comprehensive of the core course material. In this event, a copy of a recent course syllabus will be provided if requested, but no other information will be provided prior to (or during) the exam. Faculty will not be available to discuss the content or results of the examinations. Waiver exams are graded "pass/fail". Waiver decisions are final and are not subject to appeal or negotiation.
Students who are granted waivers must take course credits from available electives within their program to replace the credits from which they have been waived.

How to apply for a waiver

Students who would like to request a course waiver must review the criteria and complete a Course Waiver Request Form to be submitted within 30 days of the first semester start together with an official transcript and detailed course syllabus. It is strongly suggested that students first discuss their plans and options with their academic advisor prior to completing and submitting their request.