Course Title: Digital Heritage: Visualization of Monuments and Artifacts
Course Number: GS 512
Credits & hours: 0.5 credits (tot. 7.5 hours)
Pre/Co-Requisites: Enrollment in 
an M.A. Program

Course description
This workshop introduces students to one of the most flexible 3D digital technique data recording and visualization today. Such technologies are widely used in many different settings but have particular relevance to museums, art galleries and cultural heritage sites. The workshop will demonstrate how using 3D technology (structure for motion) can be used as an administrative and research tool as well as engaging the public. This lab-based workshop will provide students with the necessary technical and methodological skills to start exploring the impact that new technologies and practices might have on analysis and interpretation.

The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis. To obtain a passing grade students must have full attendance and must complete the practical exercise.

Course Bibliography (subject to change)

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Software Tutorials

Course Learning Objectives
At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. record an artefact/monument in 3D using images/photos 
  2. create a basic online infrastructure/visualization of the produced data with related metadata/info.

Assessment tools
Practical exercise using appropriate software    100% 

1.5 hours - Structure for motion - Introduction
2 hours - Structure for motion - Practice
2 hours - Online 3D visualization - Introduction
2 hours - Online 3D visualization - Practice
7.5 hours - TOTAL