Inclusion and diversity discourses often fail to mention people with disabilities, one of the most rejected minorities throughout history. Relegated to the sidelines of culture, they have suffered injustice and prejudice from the wider society, which has consistently approached them as inferior. This has created a conflict that has often been hidden - the voices of people with disabilities oppressed and silenced. In modern days, however, new inclusive communities and the disability rights movement have helped challenge this culture of ableism, and have highlighted the value of people with disabilities. In addition, disability is now increasingly being understood as invisible and fluid - many (if not all) people could hypothetically identify as disabled at some point in their lives. Disability is about all of us.

In this lecture, Luca Badetti, PhD in Disability Studies, will explore the importance of the disability movement and why it is relevant for us all in creating a more inclusive, just and peaceful society.
Dr. Badetti is Adjunct Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago, and a Community Consultant



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