Giulia Tufano, M.A. Food Studies

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), Bangladesh

The internship which I had the fortune to undertake was at the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My overall impression and thoughts on this experience are very positive. This internship enriched me both personally and professionally, and I am very grateful to the University for having made this possible. I feel that the possibility of the “hands-on” experience in a Master’s degree is essential and can only better and reward you. Some of the achievements obtained through a series of major and minor tasks during this internship include making contact with some of the principle investigators of Microcredit research projects at BRAC and the world-famous Grameen Bank, which I could not have achieved if I had been in Rome. The main and most valuable achievement, however, was the two-week field trip that I had the fortune to participate in to the largest slum in Dhaka, the Korail Slum. I was often saddened by the poverty, which is so evident. I will never forget the terrible conditions that these poor people are obliged to live in. I was able to actually see with my own eyes the terrible and sad conditions of poverty that still exist there, not to just read about it in books and newspapers.  This experience reinforced my desire to work in a humanitarian organization in the future.