It takes its title from the ICOMOS initiative of 2008 that recognized that every place has its own unique character whose heritage embodies not just buildings, art and material objects, but also memories, beliefs and places of significance for the contemporary population.

All heritage is living heritage.
By taking a historically significant but touristically under-developed area of Rome, the group has shown how living heritage can be approached in four different ways as part of a multi-vocal approach to the past.

This exhibition is the culmination of the taught part of the Master’s in Sustainable Cultural Heritage. The students will now progress to work experience with heritage organizations in Jordan, United States and Italy before completing a period of research and submission of a thesis.

We wish them all the best in these endeavors and we hope that they find their own personal ‘spirit of place’ to continue their professional career.


From left to right: Blake Cantrell, (Richard Hodges – President), Lauren Coughlin, Jessica Edwards, Richard Moore