AUR hosted its annual food conference on October 14, 2016. Attendees from countries around Europe and representing a diverse selection of disciplines gathered to spend the day discussing this year’s theme, Democratizing Food Governance. Invited speakers included Terry Marsden, Chair of Environmental Policy and Planning, Director of the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University; Robert Bartlett, Professor, Department Chair and Gund Chair of the Liberal Arts at Vermont University; Egidio Dansero, Professor, Department of Culture, Politics and Society at the University of Turin; and Maria Fonte, Associate Professor at the University of Naples Federico II.

In addition to hearing from speakers, attendees broke out into  sessions in the afternoon which included such titles as, “Public Policies for Place-Based Food Systems,” “Urban Agriculture and Civic Food Networks,” and “Actors in Value Chains and Territorial Oriented Agriculture.” After lunch and coffee at the Italian Institute for Germanic Studies, the group reconvened to hear synopses of what was discussed by each break-out group, followed by synthesizing remarks from the Discussant, Colin Sage from University College Cork. Keynote speaker Frank Baber, Professor, Environmental Sciences and Policy Program, and Director, Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration, California State University – Long Beach, closed the conference with a lecture titled, “Places, Spaces, and the Architecture of Food Governance.”