Graduate students of the Food Studies Master’s Program recently struck up a topical and tantalizing new initiative, ‘Food for the Future’, which will establish weekly meetings centered around the dilemma we are all faced with: how to live more sustainably.

The first meeting began with a fantastic spread of food – all vegan and freshly prepared by the students – which was the perfect antidote to a cold and rainy November day, and immediately won over the hearts of the attendees. Discussions began around the table about changing attitudes towards food choices and differences in food culture across the globe.

The speakers – Sophia Braddel, Teddy Tomao, Haley Zaremba, and Lorenzo Marelli – then opened up an engaging conversation about food habits, explaining how they arrived at the decision to adopt vegan and vegetarian diets, and sharing tips on how we can minimize our impact on the environment by adapting our shopping and eating habits. The students have been reaching out to local producers and organizations that promote sustainable food production.

The second meeting had a festive theme: an anti-capitalist holiday swap. This combined a cash-free clothing and item swap with the chance to talk about swap economies and sustainable community initiatives. The environmental impact of the festive season, including frenzied Christmas shopping, is enormous, and the holiday swap was a great opportunity to counter this.

There are hopes for another swap in the next semester so that students who need to de-clutter before packing their cases to go home have an alternative to simply throwing items away.

It has been fantastic to see these positive steps being taken and we look forward to the next instalments of the Food for the Future meetings.