profile picture - Maria FonteAUR Adjunct Professor Maria Fonte of the Food Studies program will be teaching an intensive course this January at Kyoto University in Japan, in its International Graduate Programme for East Asia Sustainable Economic Development. Students in the program come from different South East Asia countries including Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.
Her intensive 12-hour course will review various practices, discourses and policies on sustainable development and transitions in the agro‐food economy, with special attention to Europe, from rural sociology and/or economic geography approaches. More specifically the classes will deal with:

-- Recent themes in the development of agriculture: quality turn, rural development, alternative food networks
-- How to conceptualize transitions: multi‐level perspective, social practices and real utopias
-- Local food movements in the transition: a real utopias project?
-- Democratising food: foodshed, food councils and new forms of governance

At AUR, Professor Fonte teaches a course on Food, Rurality and Local Development, which covers many of these same topics.