Students electing university-facilitated housing are placed in furnished accommodation in areas surrounding the university campus. The residences are located in traditional, well-established neighborhoods. This arrangement provides the perfect housing for students looking for a "full immersion" cultural experience.

We offer a range of lodgings

Although our rental accommodations vary in location, style and size, all of them provide the essentials and you will find that each neighborhood and accommodation has its own uniqe character.

Residences are located in areas of Rome convenient to the university campus: Monteverde, Giancolense, Trastevere and Colli Portuense, all desirable residential neighborhoods. Compared to other parts of Rome, they have more green areas, better access to public transport and are conveniently located to the historic center of Rome.

All apartments are either within walking distance or conveniently located to public transit routes relative to the university. Travel times to the university vary but generally range between 15 and 35 minutes. Variances in transit times largely depend on bus frequency and local traffic. Many areas are directly accessible by one direct bus line, while others require a change. Some student housing is located within walking distance of the university.

Detailed travel instructions to/from the university and an initial supply of public transportation tickets will be provided upon arrival.

Students are assisted with maintenance and other issues that may arise during the occupancy.