Traveling to AUR for Fall 2020, here's what you need to know - updated 27 August 2020

Restrictions on international travel and entry to Italy are still in place for many countries - and are of obvious concern to our students and parents. AUR continues to liaise with the relevant authorities in Italy to ascertain clarity over how AUR students will be affected.

It is our understanding that the majority of students coming to AUR will be allowed to enter Italy, dependent on their country of origin and compliance with Italian laws on testing and quarantine.

The sections below details travel information for relevant audiences as we currently understand it. Please note, this advice is subject to change as the situation evolves and the Italian authorities update their rules and procedures.

In the event of the mandatory quarantine still being in place in September, how AUR plans to make this a constructive and beneficial period.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, quarantine is simply a fact of life. As you will appreciate, this is for the good of the entire population as well as the good of the AUR community. However, quarantine does not have to be a burden - it can be constructive, fun, community building, and useful!

For those students who will have to quarantine on arrival in Italy, AUR is constructing a full schedule of activites and tasks that will make the time fly past - you may even miss it when it's done!

We will be

- Conducting online Italian lessons to get you ready for when you enter the hubub of Rome

- Providing course specific reading lists and online reading discussion groups

- Having daily exercise classes and, for those flexible enough, evening yoga classes

- Delivering ingredient boxes and holding online Italian cooking lessons

- Having Netflix film discussion evenings

- Running online quiz nights

We're even going to try and have an online choir and online gaming events. Plus, of course, you'll have your classes to attend (virtually) - and we may throw in a virtual aperitivo...

Throughout it all, we'll be on call to help with your daily needs and to help you make the most of your timeout. We'll be providing a full schedule of (all voluntary) activities in the coming weeks.