I had an internship from June 2019 to October 2019 on Manorun Organic Farm, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Working on a regenerative, organic farm allowed me to put everything I learned at AUR into practice in the most direct way possible. I was able to experience a sustainable food system first-hand by regularly engaging with the local community. Additionally, I had the pleasure of regularly participating in events to help support and raise awareness of local farmers through this internship. I was regularly faced with just how serious the issues of farmer exhaustion, mental health, decreasing yields, and shrinking incomes are. It also made me think back to our lectures on rurality, and how the life of a farmer is not always what it seems. On a personal level, working on this farm allowed me to expand my knowledge of agriculture, and my passion for local food systems. After this experience, I know that working towards building a sustainable and just food network in Hamilton is something I want to be a part of. As the saying goes, think globally, act locally.  

- Savannah Oakes