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Lorenzo Trombetta is a Beirut-based scholar and international journalist whose research focuses on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

26 Nov 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

From the Pirate Parties in Northern Europe to Podemos in Spain, from the Five Star Movement in Italy to Jean-Luc Mélenchon's France Insoumise, and the movements behind Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in UK, the last decade has witnessed the rise of a new blueprint for political

21 Nov 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

This lecture explores the risks of uncritical approaches to data on issues of social change with a focus on how it is harnessed in images.

20 Nov 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Grdzelidze is a graduate of Tbilisi University in Georgia, St Vladimir’s Theological Seminary in the United States, and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

12 Nov 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

An audio-visual review of the daily search for sustenance from the perspective of social anthropology and the history of human cultures, including present-day challenges to food security and adequate nutrition.

6 Nov 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

We're very pleased to invite all of you to join the 2nd event of our lecture series "The Internet and Social Change". Our guest speaker, Dr. Anastasia Kavada, is senior lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.

6 Nov 2018, 12:30
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Mozia is a very small island close to Marsala at the Western cape of Sicily. A Phoenician trade port since the 8th century BCE, Mozia was connected to the Elymi and the Greek colonies of Magna Graecia. From the 6th to the 4th century BCE, Carthage took advantage of Mozia’s strategic position; thereafter Sicily became totally Roman after the Punic Wars. Professor Nigro’s excavations have brought to light the city walls, a Tofet burial site, and recently the sacred area of Kothon.

24 Oct 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

A Ciao Philadelphia event. Dr. Richard Hodges, President of the American University of Rome, is delighted to present his current dig in Tuscany in collaboration with fellow archaeologist, Dr. Peter Gould. Dr. Hodges first began excavating in Maremma, Tucscany, 35 years ago, and has been closely linked to the project ever since.

23 Oct 2018, 18:00
140 S. Broad St

Critical approaches to the sustainability of food systems have come from many directions: consumption, marketing, procurement, processing, and farming. Sustainable diets offer a promising way to integrate health of people and the health of ecosystems. Since it is clear that the dominant pathway of the food system has led to diets that are unsustainable for human bodies and for landscapes, this talk explores contending ways to link health and environment. It includes some of the ways to make this link for theory, policy, and practice, focusing on relations of power that these approaches express or hide.

18 Oct 2018, 18:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

This talk focuses on the military commission trial for Khaled Sheikh Muhammad and four other men accused of responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a case often referred to as "the trial of the century." Lisa Hajjar will offer a first-hand perspective on what it is like to go to Guantanamo (in her case, as a journalist), and the critical and contentious issues that this case raises. These include not only how the government is striving to pursue accountability for 9/11, but also the fact that all five defendants were held for years in secret prisons and tortured by the CIA. Because of the important role played by the CIA, everything surrounding this case is shrouded in secrecy and complicates the legal process.

11 Oct 2018, 12:30
Via Pietro Roselli, 4