All payments have to include student’s name and student’s I.D. number when known. Money order cannot be accepted. In the event that a personal check is returned for insufficient funds, the student’s financial account will be charged the check amount plus a 50 Euro “returned check charge”.

All collection costs incurred through third parties will be added to delinquent accounts.

If you have any questions regarding payment, please e-mail the Finance Office at

  • Check
    Payable to The American University of Rome.

    It can be mailed directly to:
    The American University of Rome
    Via Pietro Roselli, 4
    00153 Rome – Italy

  • Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express)
    Please fill out the credit card form and fax it to +39-06 5833 0992 or visit our payment gateway to make your payments online .

    For security reasons we suggest you do not provide us with your credit card information via email.
    Please be sure that your credit card company authorizes The American University of Rome to charge transactions up to 6000 Euro.

  • Online Payment (Credit Card)
    Visit our payment gateway to make your payments online
  • Wire Transfers in Euro
    Bank: Banca Popolare di Sondrio
    Branch: 21 Rome
    Address: Via Famiano Nardini, 25 – 00162 Rome, Italy
    Account: 000003010X51
    IBAN (International Bank Account Number): IT48 C056 9603 2210 0000 3010 X51

    Please quote IBAN code in order to reduce bank fees.

In case of wire payment, a photocopy of the transfer fund receipt should be faxed to The American University of Rome (fax number + 39 06 5833 0992) for the attention of the Finance Office. Please quote the student’s name to ensure the correct credit to your account.

Please note that foreign bank transfers require at least five (5) working days before payment is actually received.


Tuition refunds are permitted when students withdraw from The American University of Rome or when students withdraw from one or more courses.
Tuition refunds are processed according to the schedule available from the Finance Office. Tuition refunds different from the schedule are not permitted unless the course is cancelled by the University or an error has been made by the University. No refunds will be made on late registration fees, application and late application fees unless such charges have been made through an error of the University.

Students withdrawing from classes will be eligible for a tuition refund on the following basis:

  • Students who withdraw on or before the last weekday before the 1st day of classes will receive a 100% tuition refund.
  • Students who withdraw during the 1st week of classes will receive a 75% tuition refund.
  • Students who withdraw during the 2nd week of classes will receive a 25% tuition refund.
  • Students who withdraw during the 3rd week of classes or after will not receive a tuition refund.

In order to receive a refund a student must notify the Registrar of withdrawal by completing the appropriate form.

The date of withdrawal is determined by the date the form is received by the Registrar’s office.

Privacy Policy of Financial Records

In accordance with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT of 1974 (FERPA), non-University individuals (including parents) cannot have access to the student’s financial records, unless authorization from the student is obtained. Students may allow parents or a third party to access their financial account by completing a form authorizing the Finance Office to permit non-University individuals to view their financial record.