We know that the world is quite a bit different today than it was when you first began your service. We also know that the world that emerges from the current public health crisis will be in need more than ever of professionals ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead; the challenges of ensuring food security, of leading humanitarian assistance missions for vulnerable populations hardest hit by the economic downturn, and of rebuilding a global tourism sector on its knees through a focus on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism practices. In short, challenges which our degrees in Food Studies, Peace Studies, and Sustainable Cultural Heritage equip our students to tackle.

Rather than be deterred by these challenges, we encourage you to continue to look toward the future. If that future for you includes pursuing a Master’s degree, AUR is here to support the RPCV and eRPCV community through a guaranteed Coverdell Matching Scholarship equivalent to a 25% reduction of the total cost of tuition for all accepted Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Our Graduate Degrees:

M.A. in Food Studies

M.A. in Sustainable Cultural Heritage

M.A. in Peace Studies

Application Requirements:

Transcript(s), letter of motivation, two letters of recommendation, CV, passport photo page, and optional writing sample. The $60 application fee is waived for all RPCVs. Read more about our application requirements here.

Coverdell Matching Scholarship and Financial Aid:

As we are based in Italy, AUR is not eligible to participate in the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. However, recognizing the depth of experience RPCVs bring to our programs, we acknowledge your contribution and service through our own Coverdell Matching Scholarship worth 25% of the total cost of tuition. There is no separate scholarship application, but the submission of a DOS (Description of Service) will be required in order to qualify. As a U.S. accredited institution, the degree is American, and students have access to the U.S. Federal Loan program.

Tuition Fees:

Apart from this guaranteed partial merit scholarship, we pride ourselves on keeping our tuition as low as possible, currently $21,000 for the entire 15-month M.A. program. In addition, students need only be in residence in Rome for the first 9 months of their program, while the final thesis portion can be done either in Rome or at a distance. The accelerated calendar and shorter residential period help to reduce the overall cost of the program.

Next Steps:

Our admissions team is here to help you navigate an expedited application process one-on-one and is prepared to return an admissions decision within two weeks after receipt of a completed application. For any questions about our programs, course structure, or the University and its response to COVID-19, reach out to our graduate admissions counselor Brie, a RPCV herself (Indonesia ’13-’15) at gradschool@aur.edu. When you are ready to begin your application, contact us for an application fee waiver code.

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