The American University of Rome is proud to be the oldest university of American degree-granting status in the Eternal City. We have been welcoming international students to Rome since 1969. Our history is now a part of the rich story that makes up the fabric of this magnificent city.

International universities in Italy, such as AUR, offer possibilities and opportunities that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Opportunities to touch, see, and feel the history of civilization under your very feet. Opportunities to see great art and architecture. Opportunities to be at the center of world politics both past and present. Opportunities to stretch and challenge yourself with a new language and a new culture.

AUR makes the best of these opportunities by using the very fabric of Rome as its classroom. The city’s 50+ museums and 900+ churches house world-renowned paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. The cobblestoned streets and beautiful piazzas are architectural masterpieces. The city is home to no less than 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Our Professors frequently complement their lessons with on-site visits around the city. Our students are guided through the experience that is the Eternal City and taught its global context through the ages. Each of our degrees utilizes some part of the resources of Rome. The culture, history, art, and spaces of this ancient city.

Beyond its historical and artistic importance, modern-day Rome is a major European capital. Rome hosts embassies, international organizations, governmental agencies, and multinational companies. It is as a bustling hub for business, politics and research. The city and this university constantly welcomes leading figures in their professions. This creates an inspiring atmosphere for students as they prepare for their futures.

Rome’s location on the Mediterranean has been strategic for centuries. This is an important gateway between Europe, Africa and Asia. Rome is the ideal location for students who want to understand the world we lived in and the world we live in.