The thesis oral examination can have one of the following outcomes:

Pass with grade A to B- with no changes or with only minor changes. Details of the required changes and deadline for submission will be specified in a written communication to the candidate and supervisor.  The supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that the submitted thesis contains the minor changes required. Students who do not (re)submit the corrected version of the thesis by the agreed deadline will receive their final grade based on the previously submitted version. This may imply that the final grade can be below B-, if the initial grade for the thesis was B- under the assumption that the necessary changes will be made according to the report of the committee to enable a passing grade.

Deferment with major changes with or without a second oral examination.  A thesis deferred by the examiners for major changes at the Defense will be re-examined in the following Spring or Fall, with or without a second oral examination. In this case, students will be required to register for ‘Maintaining Matriculation’ status (recorded as a no credit course) and pay the appropriate fee. The status of ‘Maintaining Matriculation’ does not carry the right to an Italian visa and will affect financial aid.