Time Limits

Students are normally expected to complete the Master’s program within 15 months of enrollment. Enrollment commences in late August or September and the program should be completed by December of the following year.

Even in cases of Leave of Absence and/or Thesis Extensions, there is an absolute deadline of three (3) years from the date of enrollment within which the Master’s degree must be completed. Failure to complete all degree requirements within three years, automatically results in termination from the M.A. program.

Thesis Extension and Maintaining Matriculation

Students in their final semester may request an extension for their thesis submission. The request should be made in writing to the Program Director as early as possible, stating the reasons for the request. The Program Director will discuss the request with the Dean and the request will be granted at the discretion of the Dean. Deferred thesis submissions will be examined in the following Spring semester. Students should refer to the requirements of their program for the date. Students granted a deferred submission will be required to register for a ‘Maintaining Matriculation’ status (recorded as a no credit course) and pay the appropriate fee. The status of ‘Maintaining Matriculation’ does not carry the right to an Italian visa and may affect financial aid.