Are the Rebel Alliance headquarters on Yavin 4 similar to the Mayan pyramids? Should the crumbling film sets of Tataouine that still stand in the Tunisian desert be considered an archaeological monument? Can the Galactic equivalent of UNESCO preserve the Jedi hermitage (aka the Irish medieval monastic site of Skelling Michael)?

To celebrate the International Archaeology​ Day, AUR organizes a lecture in which it will be illustrate​d the meaning of Archaeology in contemporary popular culture using the example of Star Wars saga and its "archaeo-appeal".

Nowadays, we can assess pop culture as archaeology through the way in which the material culture of previous films is reused, reconstructed, cited, and remixed by later generations. Why Star Wars saga? In the 2001 and 2011 census in England and Wales ‘Jedi’ was reported as a religion which for a time out-numbered Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism! This can give an idea of the level of popularity for this saga. There are plenty of lessons in here for archaeologists trying to understand the public appetite for heritage and a sense of connection to a deeper past as well as the pop culture.

“Insofar as archaeology enhances people’s lives and society in general, its major impact might be said to lie in popular culture rather than any noble vision of improving self-awareness.”
Gavin Lucas

International Archaeology Day is held each year on the third Saturday of October.

International Archaeology Day is a celebration of archaeology and the thrill of discovery. Every October the AIA and archaeological organizations across the United States, Canada, and abroad present archaeological programs and activities for people of all ages and interests. Whether it is a family-friendly archaeology fair, a guided tour of a local archaeological site, a simulated dig, a lecture or a classroom visit from an archaeologist, the interactive, hands-on International Archaeology Day programs provide the chance to indulge your inner Indiana Jones.

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