Make Rome your new home



Rome is a main character in the story of AUR.
From its inception as the center of the Roman Empire, to the bustling cultural and social mixing pot it is today, Rome’s history is long and complex with telling remnants of its story scattered about every place you go. The most fascinating aspect of Rome is its standing as a city where ancient and modern weave in and out of each other; it is hard to determine where one era ends and another one begins. Surrounded by historical landmarks, ages-old artwork, diplomatic and international organizations, the Eternal City is one of the major and most important centers of European political and social happenings and is considered to be one of the most strikingly beautiful cities in the world.

Within this living and breathing historical, political, and social landmark known as Rome, is a huge, vibrant community of approximately 2.8 million people, almost 10% of which is international. This huge population is made up of eclectic cultures and a multitude of languages. You can be from anywhere, and you will find your niche to fit in. And while Rome is a big city with a huge populous, it is known throughout Italy as being a large city made up of small neighborhoods; you get the remarkable feel of being in a big place, with the comfort of getting to know the names of the people you see every day.