A truly international institution

The American University of Rome is home to a highly diverse student body representing over forty countries on campus. We recently conducted a language survey and discovered 28 native languages amongst our faculty and students - although all teaching is conducted in English! In reflection of this eclectic student body, our professors respect and draw from different points of view, ideas, and real-world experiences, enriching the dialogue within the classroom. Moreover, both faculty and students bring to the table a diversity in perspective that contributes and supplements the clarrsoom experience.

Learning on location

Rome is our classroom. Our professors frequently complement their lessons with on-site visits around the city, using Rome as a classroom and guiding student through the richly layered experience that is Rome while highlighting its global context throughout the ages. Rome constantly conjures up vivid reminders of its glorious past as the city that built the greatest empire the world has ever known. With its sunny climate, stately umbrella pines, and an unparalleled wealth of history around every corner, Rome’s beauty quickly overtakes all who enter its ancient walls. A walk or bus ride through even the most commonplace quarters of the city yields encounters with innumerable monuments, towering pillars, and major imperial buildings that still stand imposingly just as they have for over 2,000 years!

Amazing internship opportunities

One of the most effective ways of developing work skills and increasing job prospects is to undertake an internship. At your internship, you gain critical experience, build important connections, and see if you are a good fit for the organization. AUR undergraduate and graduate students all have the opportunity to undertake internships with organizations in their field. We have relationships with over 50 organizations, ranging from the local to the global. See a list of recent internship opportunities undertaken. A remarkable 78% of the students at AUR have undertaken an internship, far above the U.S. national average of 50%. Even more notably, over a quarter of those students have participated in more than one internship, demonstrating the real value that these experiences have had on their time at university.

European & worldwide learning excursions

Students at AUR are offered opportunities to participate in some of the most amazing and inspirational field trips. These are arranged on a program by progam basis and have previously included experiences such as

  1. visiting the House of Lords in the UK to interview a peer of the realm post-brexit vote
  2. particpating in archaeological digs in Tuscany & Albania (and the Colosseum)
  3. speaking at the Model United Nations at the Hague
  4. discussing international relations in Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, Catalonia, Brussels, Ghana ... and others 

Other destinations over the course of the last 15 months have included Boston, Pompeii, Vienna, Philadelphia and New York.