From Sunday April 14th to Monday April 15th, the Peace Studies Cohort traveled to Brindisi in Puglia where they had the opportunity to visit the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) and the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC). At the UNHRD, the Peace Studies cohort visited the warehouses for emergency relief supplies. This was followed by a tour of the UNHRD’s innovative design lab, where the students were able to see how UN relief agencies are re-inventing humanitarian aid to be sustainable at every level for communities. At the UNGSC, the cohort had the opportunity to listen to various guest speakers discuss the process behind peacekeeping and international policing. And, at the end of the day before heading back to Rome, the cohort was able to witness the loading of a UN emergency relief cargo plane with supplies headed for Tehran. The trip to Brindisi was an excellent way for students to not only see how theories behind emergency care and relief aid are put into practice but also to explore how the UN continues to organize and act in support of vulnerable communities globally.

Author: Ivana Kohut