M.A. in Food Studies: Policies for sustainable production and consumption

The M.A. in Food Studies: Policies for sustainable production and consumption is a cross disciplinary program that aims to provide knowledge and skills on the current situation and developments surrounding sustainable food production and consumption, and on how we affect the Earth’s resources with our food choices. It has inherent international dimensions but focuses on how associated policies and regulations are framed and implemented at regional, national and sub-national levels by the public and non-profit sectors as well as by the food industry.
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M.A. in Peace Studies: Religions in Times of Conflict

This program offers an interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse study of culture and religion in their political and social dimensions. The research and study of particular religious traditions, social and political context in which they evolved, and the political ideas they influenced, contribute to the promotion of peace, religious and cultural diversity, cross-cultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation.
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M.A. in Sustainable Cultural Heritage

The M.A. program in Sustainable Cultural Heritage trains graduates to face the most important challenge in the heritage industry today: its long-term viability.

Rome is at the center of debates about global heritage. With major international organizations in the city, as well as the greatest concentration of heritage monuments and works, nowhere in the world provides a better base to prepare a student for a career in this field.
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M.A. Program in Arts Management 

As public sector funding for the arts has become restricted, there is an increasing need for well-qualified arts administrators, who are able to work at the interface between artistic creativity and sound business practice. This M.A. shapes a new breed of professionals in the arts management field by offering Liberal Arts, Humanities, Fine Arts, Film, Media and Communication graduates the opportunity to acquire the appropriate management and business skills, thus enabling them to capitalize upon their previous grounding within the arts.
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