Congratulations to AUR Graduate School alumna Victoria Rose (M.A. Food Studies class of 2018) on starting a new job with USAID in Washington, D.C. and presenting her Master’s thesis at a conference in Budapest.

AUR is pleased to share recent news from Victoria Rose about her post-graduate endeavors. We wish her much success!!

“Much has happened since graduating from AUR last year! In September 2018, I accepted a position as an Administrative Assistant within USAID’s Office of Food for Peace. This is a U.S. government organization that provides both emergency relief for countries facing crises such as forced migration and natural disasters, and development activities to enable long term food security and resilience. Food for Peace works with international governments, the UN (including the World Food Programme), and NGOs. I have begun working as an assistant for the Division Chief of all the FFP projects in South, Central, and West Africa. I am based in Washington, D.C. working at the USAID headquarters. While I've only just finished my second week of work, I really like it so far and I am learning so much already!

A few months ago, I also found out my Master's thesis was accepted for poster presentation at Elsevier’s 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference to be held in Budapest, Hungary in March. With support from family, friends, and coworkers, I was able to attend this conference shortly before starting my new job. I had an amazing time in Budapest, and got to hear about interesting research being done to improve the sustainability of food production. Topics were discussed such as farmer behavior and responses to climate changes, crop modelling to understand how the yields of staple crops will be affected by climate change, and identifying resilience traits in crops by examining their genetic materials. It was also exciting to share my own research with others at this conference! I am currently revising my Master’s thesis for publication and hope to submit it to a few journals by the end of the year.”

The poster Victoria presented at the conference in Budapest